Fighting the itchy feet syndrome

So, on a daily basis, I have to drag myself out of bed, reminding myself that the job I am going to is serving towards allowing me to scratch my proverbial itch.

What is it that calls me so strongly? I love the feel of walking through the airport and leaving my life behind me. Just for a while. All the complications and daily battles. Walking through without a care in the world. Well, not exactly without a care, just leaving them aside for a while. Freedom. That is what I love so desperately. The freedom to move around as I want to. To sit where I want to, eat whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like. The freedom to just be. The peace and solace of being in my own head, uninterrupted.

There is nothing quite like landing in a foreign country where you can’t speak the language. The sights and sounds are all different. I feel alive and can’t drink enough of the surroundings in. I never feel as alive or energised as when I am on the hoof.

But for today, I am happy that I do what I do so that I can go where I want to go. Just for now, I will sit in my head and think about the next place that I want to travel to.


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